The Importance of Hot Air Tool Replacement Parts and Which Ones You Need

The Importance of Hot Air Tool Replacement Parts and Which Ones You Need

Sure, your hot air tool is important.

As the power behind your weld, it’s impossible to complete a job without it.

But what about the parts that make it up, and the accessories that can be used with it?

There’s no doubt that achieving the perfect weld requires the entire package, from your hot air tool to the parts that keep it running. As you explore different accessories and heating elements for your hot air tool, read below to learn about why you should have replacement parts on hand—at all times—and the ones that can help boost your productivity.

Why You Need Several Replacement Parts

Having several replacement parts, such as heating elements, power cords, and nozzles, is key for reducing downtime and optimizing efficiency while you’re on the job.

This is because these parts are susceptible to damage throughout the entire welding process. For instance, it's not uncommon for someone running a hot air tool to turn it off while it’s still hot. While this option may appear to be the quickest way to exit a job site, turning off a hot air tool while it’s still hot can break or crack a heating element. In other cases, a heating element can be damaged over time when a user repeatedly fluctuates a hot air tool’s temperature output.

In addition, both heating elements and other replacement parts can be damaged when they’re dropped or not cared for correctly. Neglecting routine maintenance procedures, such as checking for blockages and cracks, can reduce the lifespan of a tool and its parts, as well as cause damage. Not having extra parts on the job can then, in turn, result in costly downtime associated with finding, buying, and replacing a new part.

The High-Performance Heating Elements You Need

Heating elements provide the desired temperature output in a hot air tool. Though they generally have a lifespan of four to five years, that doesn’t mean having only one on a jobsite will suffice. Luckily, they are fairly inexpensive when you choose a high-quality vendor.

So how do you choose the right one for your hot air tool?

IHS 120V/1600W Heating Element

While there are hundreds of heating elements to choose from, these top options can be used across a variety of hot air tools:

When deciding how many spares you need, consider how many people will be on the job, as well as how many you’ve needed for past jobs. If you need an honest, expert opinion, give us a call and we can help determine what you need.

The Reliable Replacement Parts For Your Hot Air Tools

IHS High Performance 1.25-inch Air Flow Inlet Filter

Replacement parts can vary based on the type of tool you’re using, though many can be used across a variety of industries and applications.

  • Air filters: Air filters remove fine particulates from your blower systems, as well as extend their lifespans and keep impurities from building up in them. IHS offers a variety of IHS-brand air filters, including the IHS 1.25-In. Air Flow Inlet Filter, that can be used across several Atlantic Blowers models.
  • Motor brushes: Motor brushes serve as electric conductors in hot air tools. Because motor brushes experience direct contact with the blower motor, they often need to be replaced. The IHS 120V Carbon Brush Set, for example, is an affordable option for those using the Leister Triac ST Heat Gun.
  • Power cords: Because power cords supply the electricity needed to run hot air tools, it’s imperative to have several replacements in the event your power cord breaks. Common causes of breaks can include wear and tear from contractor build sites, users grabbing their tools by the power cords, electrical overloading, and even UV exposure. Having spare power cords, as well as extension cords, can help alleviate potential downtime if the one you’re using breaks.
  • Nozzles: Nozzles help users direct air, allowing for more precise welds. Nozzles such as the IHS Speed Welding Nozzle, for instance, also help users weld in difficult-to-reach places. Plus, choosing a supplier like IHS that offers direct replacement parts for name-brand hot air tools at a fraction of the cost makes it inexpensive to stock replacements.

IHS-Brand Replacement Parts and Heating Elements For Your Every Need

In the market for a replacement part or heating element? Check out a variety of IHS-brand options that are available for a fraction of the name-brand cost, yet can be used with your name-brand hot air tools. Contact us if you have any questions about how these products can increase your efficiency.



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