About IHS

Industrial Heat Sources (IHS) has been an authorized distributor of the top hot air equipment manufacturers for 15 years

We offer high-quality replacement parts for leading hot air tools at a fraction of the cost of brand name options. We also provide repairs and other services that take our expertise into the job site with you, not just behind a computer screen or phone.

We've worked with thousands of roofers, hot-air welders, industrial engineers, flooring specialists, and other professionals to learn what they require of their tools and equipment. In addition, we've serviced hundreds of hot air welders and other tools and parts, gaining expert knowledge on how they’re used and where they can be improved. 

We’re not just salespeople. We’re longtime industry experts. And we can consult with you about your specific hot-air tool needs and recommend a part or solution tailored to you. Contact us today.


What Customers Are Saying

"Your quick turnaround allowed us to carry out business with virtually no interruption. We have referred many customers your way since purchasing the two pieces of equipment from you and we will certainly continue to do so.  Thank you again."


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