About IHS

Your Go-To Resource for Top Hot Air Tools

Industrial Heat Sources (IHS) has been an authorized distributor of the top hot air equipment manufacturers since 2006. We offer hundreds of high-performance tools from 13 leading manufacturers. Among them include HCS, HSK, Tempco, Steinel, and Miller Weldmaster.

In addition, we manufacture a variety of hot air tools, air heaters, and hot air blowers that can be used as standalone products or configured with non-IHS brand tools. We aim to offer our customers the best value, and we’re proud to do so by offering these universal, cost-efficient products.

We also offer high-quality replacement parts—such as air hoses, electronics, and motors—for leading hot air tools at a fraction of the cost of brand name options. Our tools can be used across a variety of industries, from civil engineering to flooring to manufacturing, among many others.

We provide repairs, support, and other services that take our expertise into the job site with you, not just behind a computer screen or phone. We’re dedicated to our clients’ success and offering hands-on support, whether that means climbing inside a cracked windmill blade in sub-zero temperatures to repair it, setting up a new production line on a factory floor, or creating specialized training videos.

We've worked with thousands of roofers, hot-air welders, industrial engineers, flooring specialists, and other professionals to learn what they require of their tools and equipment. In addition, we've serviced hundreds of hot air welders and other tools and parts, gaining expert knowledge on how they’re used and where they can be improved.

We’re not just salespeople. We’re longtime industry experts. And we can consult with you about your specific needs and recommend a part or solution tailored to your applications. Contact us today and learn more about our knowledgeable staff below.

Our Industry Experts

Eric Pardo
CEO, Owner
844-862-7880, epardo@ihshotair.com

Eric has been the CEO and owner of IHS since 2018, focusing on sales, product offerings, and customer support. In his role, Eric aims to ensure customers are receiving world-class service, as well as purchasing top-performing products at the most cost-efficient price. Prior to his career at IHS, Eric served at Hy-Tech Products, where he first worked in the warehouse, then handled tool repairs, and eventually became a sales representative. Eric then began his career at IHS in 2008 as a member of the sales team. He purchased IHS in 2018 with the goal of helping his customers succeed to the best of his ability. Eric also holds a number of sales and service certifications in plastic welding, hot air applications, and more. Paired with his decades of industry experience, Eric brings unmatched service to IHS and its customers.


Bob Heater
Sales & Marketing/Operations Manager
844-862-7880, bheater@ihshotair.com

Bob has been a member of the IHS team since 2007, offering key insights and tool recommendations for customers across the flooring, roofing, and manufacturing industries, among many others. As sales and marketing/operations manager, he’s responsible for inside and outside sales, and serves as a technical/engineering liaison for Asian, European, and North American-based original equipment manufacturers. He’s also implemented corporate policies and sales and marketing initiatives across the company. Bob has more than 35 years of experience working in the industry. Prior to working at IHS, Bob served as a quality control technician at Schaffner Trenco LLC, a GED instructor at the Ed Keating Center, a process engineer with Kulite Semiconductor Products, a process engineer with Philips N.V.'s Edax Division, and a CET Certified Technical Instructor at Eastwick College in Nutley, New Jersey. He also worked as an Electronics Service Manager/Technical Instructor at SVP Worldwide for more than 13 years.



What Customers Are Saying

"Your quick turnaround allowed us to carry out business with virtually no interruption. We have referred many customers your way since purchasing the two pieces of equipment from you and we will certainly continue to do so.  Thank you again."


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