How to Understand the Difference Between Hot Air Blowers and Air Heaters

How to Understand the Difference Between Hot Air Blowers and Air Heaters
Though it’s easy to confuse hot air blowers and air heaters, both tools are designed differently and serve their own purposes.

But what’s the best way to determine which tool is right for your application? Because hot air blowers and air heaters both involve heat production, it can be challenging to conclude which is best for your needs. Despite common misconceptions, the two tools differ in design, industries, and applications.

What is a Hot Air Blower?

Hot air blowers contain both the air source and heating element. This means users can purchase one device that will both heat the air and push it in a desired direction.

Because the air source and heating element are packaged together, it can be difficult to customize the hot air blower to meet specific needs. Despite this, an all-in-one tool can be beneficial when you don’t already have blowers in place, or if the tool is serving a general purpose, such as heating a room.

Hot air blowers come in a variety of sizes and power options, including the 4.5-kilowatt Tutco SureHeat Skorpion Hot Air Heater with Built-in Blower and 3400-watt IHS Type 3400 Hot Air Blower.

What is an Air Heater?

Air heaters only contain the heating element, requiring an outside air source to direct the heat. Air heaters produce heat, and must be configured with a blower in order to target the heat in a specific direction.

Because air heaters are standalone systems that come in many sizes, they can be more easily configured to existing blowers at a manufacturing plant or industrial facility. In addition, purchasing air heaters that can be fitted to a range of blower sizes will likely reap cost savings over purchasing brand new hot air blowers.

Like hot air blowers, air heaters can range in size and power, from the 300-watt Tutco-Farnam Heat Torch 030 Air Heater to the 16000-watt IHS Type 10000 Air Heater.

How to Choose Between a Hot Air Blower and Air Heater

Because both hot air blowers and air heaters come in a variety of sizes, your application will determine which tool will best serve your needs. When choosing between the two tools, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Will my application require a custom hot air system?
  • Do I already have blowers in place?
  • Will my expected output grow over the next few years?
When configured with a blower, heaters can be used almost interchangeably with hot air blowers in many similar applications, such as drying fruits and vegetables, shrinking labels on bottles, and sterilizing tools or medical equipment in assembly lines. Your current setup and application will determine which tool is the right fit.

Find The Right Heating System for You

In search of a heating system? IHS has decades of experience pairing air heaters and blowers, and we can help you choose a system that can grow with your business. Contact us today, and we can find the right match for your specific needs. 



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