Essential Blowers and Heaters for Your Equipment Lineup

Essential Blowers and Heaters for Your Equipment Lineup

Blowers and heaters play a critical role in keeping production processes running efficiently and smoothly. No matter the application, understanding the specific equipment combination you’ll need will ultimately improve your bottom line, saving time and cutting costs.

While they’re used across a variety of industries, it can be challenging to identify the blowers and heaters that must be used for specific applications, such as shrinking labels on food packages.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled an overview of the essential blowers and heaters for common applications.

High-Performance Blower Systems and Filters

Blower systems are systems designed to push volumes of air for a number of applications, such as drying fruits and vegetables, shrinking labels on bottles, and sterilizing tools or medical equipment in assembly lines. IHS offers two types of blowers—centrifugal and regenerative—both of which serve specific purposes.

Centrifugal blowers are designed to push large volumes of air at lower pressures, while regenerative blowers are used to move air at high pressures. Because centrifugal blowers produce a greater air flow and regenerative blowers offer a more targeted air flow, the tool you choose can depend on a number of variables, including surface area and speed of the assembly line.

Ensuring you have air filters to fit these systems is also critical, as they remove fine particulates from the blower system, extend the life of the system, and keep impurities from building up in the impellers and other moving parts of the system.

Blower systems and filters can be used in the food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, plastic fabrication, and manufacturing industries, among others. They can be used in tandem with heaters and hot air hand tools.

The Atlantic Blowers AB-100, AB-200, and AB-300 regenerative blower lines, as well as the ABC-100, ABC-200, and ABC-300 centrifugal blower lines, can be used for most blower applications.

Atlantic Blowers AB-100       Atlantic Blowers AB-200      Atlantic Blowers AB-300

Versatile Air Heaters

Heaters go hand-in-hand with blower systems, as they attach to the system in order to heat the air for a particular application. Heaters are critical for processes that improve efficiency, such as speeding up drying processes.

Because of their compatibility, heaters are generally used across the same industries as blower systems. To pair with your blower, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes—from small, cylindrical hot air tools to long, rectangular panels.

Versatile heater options include the IHS Type 10000 Air Heater, IHS Type 5000 Air Heater, and IHS Type 3000 Air Heater. In addition, Tutco’s CoolTouch air heaters and HeatTorch air heaters are suitable for smaller heating applications. Keep in mind that, when choosing a heater, the key difference between each type is the wattage.

Choosing Your Blower Can Be Difficult. We Can Help.

With decades of knowledge and experience, the IHS team can help you choose the correct blower-heater combination for your business. More importantly, we want to save you money and reduce downtime by helping you choose equipment that can grow with your company. Contact us so our team of experts can answer your questions and equip you with the hot air tools you need.



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