6 Hot Air Tools That Save Time and Money in the Packaging Process

6 Hot Air Tools That Save Time and Money in the Packaging Process

Hot air tools have a profound impact on our everyday lives.

While many may not realize, they help ensure the safety of the foods we buy from supermarkets or the medicine we buy from convenience stores. This is because they play a significant role in the packaging process for a myriad of goods, from meats and vegetables to bottled items and canned goods.

So, which hot air tools can ultimately help save you time and money when packaging? We list some of your top options below.

1. IHS Air Heaters

IHS air heaters are cost effective, robust solutions for packaging applications, including labeling, adhering safety seals, and shrink wrapping.

In particular, the IHS Type 4000 Air Heater, IHS Type 5000 Air Heater (with electronics or without electronics), IHS Type 3000 Air Heater, and IHS Type 10000 Air Heater (with electronics or without electronics) are effective, lightweight options.

Plus, these versatile tools can be repurposed for a number of related food and beverage and medical and pharmaceutical applications, including:

  • Drying and heating.
  • Activating and dissolving solvent-free adhesives and hot-melt adhesives.
  • Shrinking packaging films and molded parts.
  • Sterilizing packaging materials.

As you weigh your options, remember that assembly line speed and the number of products will determine the correct air heater size and amount.

2. Forsthoff Process Air Heaters

Like the IHS options above, Forsthoff also touts several efficient tools for packaging, including the Forsthoff 7500 Process Air Heater, Forsthoff Type 3000E Process Air Heater with Electronics, and Forsthoff Type 3000 & 5000 Process Air Heaters.

Touting a variety of voltage and power options, each of these tools are designed to provide the continuous output necessary for packaging large volumes of goods over extended periods of time.

3. Tutco-Farnam Air Heaters

Tutco-Farnam also boasts several lines of air heaters that can be used for packaging, including the Heat Torch, Cool Touch, and Flow Torch lines.

Each line features numerous air heaters designed to offer the air flow needed for your specific packaging needs. Many of them can also be used for other food and beverage or medical and pharmaceutical applications, such as curing, drying, and sterilization.

4. Blower Systems

Because your heat must be directed, blower systems are an essential part of the packaging process. If you want to push larger volumes of air, you’ll need a centrifugal blower, such as Atlantic Blowers’ ABC-100, ABC-200, or ABC-300. If you want greater air pressure over a smaller surface area, you’ll need a regenerative blower, such as Atlantic Blowers’ AB-100, AB-200, or AB-300.

When choosing a blower for your heater, remember to select one that can grow with your operation.

5. Temperature Controllers

As with any packaging application, it’s also crucial to set and maintain the correct process temperature. This can be achieved by using a temperature controller, which, when programmed correctly, can automatically provide temperature control for your process.

Temperature controllers allow you to program or quickly adjust an air heater’s temperature output when necessary, helping you stay efficient, reduce downtime, and avoid potentially costly product damage.

When selecting a temperature controller, make sure it can be configured with your air heater and that it can be used in your specific application. The HCS P-6100 & P-8100 Series Fuzy Pro Programmable Temperature Controllers, for example, can be used with the IHS Type 5000 Air Heater and IHS Type 10000 Air Heater, making it an ideal choice for many packaging applications.

6. Wide Slot Nozzles

The direction and amount of your air flow can also have a direct impact on the goods being packaged or sealed. With your packaging applications, wide slot nozzles can maximize and evenly distribute a consistent air flow output.

Remember to choose a wide slot nozzle that matches the diameter of your air heater. Several high-performance options that can be configured with the air heaters mentioned above include:

Keep in mind that your wide slot nozzles can also be used for a variety of other applications, such as plastic fabrication, manufacturing, and process heat, should your needs extend beyond packaging.

Save Time and Money with the Right Hot Air Tools

As you know, using the correct hot air tools in the packaging process is critical for ensuring the safety of your products. If you need help selecting hot air tools that can save you time and money in the packaging process, call or email us. A member of our team (not an automated robot!) will be happy to assist you.


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