Here Are IHS's Top November Products

Here Are IHS's Top November Products

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The Forsthoff Mini Electronic Plastics Speed Welding Kit

The Forsthoff Mini Electronic Plastics Speed Welding Kit is your opportunity to own top-rated Forsthoff plastic welding essentials at an affordable price.

This 9-piece kit is your all-in-one solution for plastic fabrication speed welding applications.

The kit comes equipped with the following accessories:

  • Mini Electronic 120V/1300W Hot Air Tool
  • Hand blower for MINI, 120V
  • Nozzle 5mm round adaptor nozzle
  • 3mm and 4mm round Push-on Speed Welding Nozzles
  • 5mm round Push-on Speed Welding Tip and Push-on Tacking Tip
  • Toolbox and screwdriver
Forsthoff Speed Welding Kit


Our Favorite Hot Air Tools for Projects On the Go

When duty calls, you need equipment you can rely on. The right hot air tool will offer the proper combination of power, heat, and size. 

With so many products on the market, we rounded up three of our top hot air tools for projects on-the-go.

Be prepared for virtually any job in the field with these industry-recognized options:

Miller Weldmaster Elite Air

Industry-Leading Tutco SureHeat Skorpion

Continued improvements driven by higher temperature demands have positioned Tutco SureHeat as a leader in the research and industrial process heating categories. 

Their products have been integrated into a variety of OEM manufacturing processes and facilities worldwide, in addition to offering a wide variety of standard industrial air heater products.

Tutco partners with knowledgeable automation and heating solutions distributors—like us—to maintain stock for quicker delivery of standard process heating components. Ready to add Tutco's patent-protected technology to your line? Or even find replacement component parts and accessories? Look no further than

Tutco SureHeat Skorpion Hot Air Heater w/ Blower

Tutco SureHeat Skorpion 230V/3000W (Hi-Flow) Hot Air Heater w/ Blower (Single Phase - ø 62 mm)


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