A Look Into Our Lineup of Replacement Parts

A Look Into Our Lineup of Replacement Parts
Heading into the spring season, there's no better time to assess your tools for maintenance needs and missing or damaged components. When you discover that you're in need of replacement parts, start with IHS

Did you know we source replacement parts specific to more than a dozen well-known manufacturers? Not only that, we offer direct replacements for leading hot air tools at a fraction of the brand-name cost.

Keep reading for more information on two of our most popular replacement products: heating elements and nozzles.

Replacement Heating Elements

From food & beverage, to pharmaceutical production, to roofing applications, we offer a wide range of replacements nozzles.  Shop heating elements from top brands like Forsthoff and Steinel, plus direct replacements for all of the top manufactured heating tools. 


Click here for a complete list of replacement parts.

Replacement Heating Nozzles

The wrong nozzle on a plastic welder can restrict airflow, and cause heat to back up within the tool. This hot-air backup can overheat and break the element, and may cause damage to other parts of the machine. That's why it is so important to correctly identify what nozzle your applications needs. 
Luckily, IHS keeps hundreds of nozzles in stock with variable sizes and specifications to accommodate any project. 

Click here for a complete list of replacement nozzles.

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